Accomodation Options

Scam Alert

We were notified that an attendee was contacted by a company called ‘Global Travel Experts’ via <[email protected]>. The company offered to help with the reservation.

This is a scam! Do not respond to such an email and please alert us in case you get any other suspicious communication.

Affordable accommodation is available in the grounds of Homerton College. The rooms are used in term-time as student accommodation.

Another 20 single bedrooms (incl. breakfast) for the nights of 31st August to 5th September (last check-out date is on 6th September) have become available at Homerton College. 

These can be booked via the Homerton College website, using the code: KX62752B&B

 This link will only be available until midday on 23rd August 2024.

Other accommodation can be booked in Cambridge. For information, visit for example Visit Cambridge.