Abstract Submission



Abstract submission will open soon.

All participants are highly encouraged to submit an abstract of their present work via the meeting website. Deadline for abstract submission is in early June 2024, date TBC.

When submitting an abstract please download and use the template provided.  Other files will not be accepted. 

The presenting author must be registered for the meeting in order for the abstract to be considered. Their name should be underlined in the list of authors. Participants wanting to be taken into consideration for oral presentations and participants who want to be taken into consideration for a travel fellowship have to indicate this at submission of their abstract.

The abstract must adhere to the following format:
Title: a maximum of 150 characters (including spaces)
Author(s): a maximum of 250 characters (including spaces)
Affiliation(s): a maximum of 250 characters (including spaces)
Abstract text (incl. references): a maximum of 3000 characters (including spaces). This can include acknowledgements of funding and support, if required.

No embedded figures or illustrations

Rename the template file to Abstract_YourName before uploading.

Template Abstract - not yet available

You can upload your abstract until early June 2024 – date TBC.

Please, only use the template provided above.

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    I want this abstract to be considered for a talk